The Theme-Siana Sojourn

The area of SIANA consists of a number of desert villages located in the heart of sand dune country. Predominantly inhabited by Rajputs, known for their incredible valour and martial excellence on the battlefield. The Rajput warrior has a key role in the stories of adventure and glory that colour the pages of local folk-lore and the annals of Indian history alike.

Erstwhile Royal palaces and heritage buildings located all over urban Rajasthan, attract a large number of visitors and are now converted into museums resorts and hotels for luxury and leisure tourism. The Panorama of Rural Rajasthan is yet to be discovered and showcased to the visitors.Mahatama Gandhi once said that if you want to discover the real India then you will find it in its villages. With this idea of introducing the visitors with the real picture of Rajasthan, entrepreneur - Bhawani Singh Bhati created Siana Sojourn, where he has attempted with a different perspective to showcase the life and other day to day activities of the people of Rajasthan living in the villages and ‘Dhanis’ (small desert settlements).

Travelers participating in this kind of tour program should be comfortable and luxury is neither the angle nor the aim of their tour. The location for the sojourn is perfectly selected where tranquility prevails. It is away from the sounds and sights of urban chaos and quite different from the regular luxury heritage hotels and desert resorts mushrooming all over Rajasthan. A new and exclusive product in the tourism market can be sold like a hot cake no doubt but, an artificially created desert oasis or Jurassic forest (park) can also generate a lot of profit. Here at Siana Sojourn whatever is being presented and offered to the traveler is real – no illusions.

In pursuit of his philosophy of travel, Bhawani Singh Bhati has given due thought to his social responsibilities in attaining his aim. He thinks that responsible tourism in future will create better employment opportunities for the locals in his village and stop migration of the people who are moving out to the cities due to lack of employment. Infact, after the birth of Siana sojourn, 6 people from his village out of which 2 are women, have started working as village guide for the visitors. This happened after they were given a little training in English language and now this village has 6 Pidgin English guides! He assumes that this contact between the villagers and their foreign guests in future will be a resultant force that will bring a lot of awareness among locals and educate them about, rain water harvesting system, importance of green cover and vegetation, pollution control, health awareness and so on. This will no doubt help in betterment of the quality of life in the village.

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