About Siana Sojourn

Siana village is located in the Desert Triangle – where the cities of Bikaner, Jodhpur and Jaisalmer denote the three angles of the triangle. This is the core part of The Great Indian Thar Desert. This village can be approached by road from any one of the three cities of desert triangle. Siana Sojourn is located in village Siana. The Sojourn offers for the guests, 6 rooms and 1 hut with all basic amenities for a comfortable stay in the tranquil and peaceful atmosphere of the village. The food is prepared by cooks from the village and it can be served in traditional style or on tables and chairs on demand. The guests also have an option to select a few western style dishes from the menu. It is atmospheric to dine out in an open courtyard or on the rooftop under the star studded sky and listen the folk melodies sung by the local musicians. The staff are all local boys who are very helpful, friendly and anticipate your needs.

During the sojourn at Siana there are sample of opportunities for the guests, to participate in activities listed below.

* Meeting with village council.

* Visit of village school.

* Teaching in school.

* Nursing work.(In village hospital)

* Work in field with farmers.

* Participate with a family in daily routine work.

* Work with a shepherd or camel herd.

* Feed and Milk cow / buffalo / Goat.

* Meet village people.

* Attend a prayer session in village temple.

* Participate in cooking and dining with a village family.

* To take small excursions on camel or by jeep to explore the surrounding areas.

* To camp and dine in the wilderness.

* Yoga classes.

* Participate in Hindu ceremonies ( Subject to availability )

* Full moonlight camel safari.

* Full moonlight desert safari by jeeps.

* Experience the desert wild life in night by Jeeps.

* Candle light dinner in virgin area in desert.

Desert excursions by jeeps or camels

Before the Jeep became the preferred ride for Rajasthan’s long-route cabbies, It enjoyed an iconic status and a glorious past. Truth be told, the ubiquitous but rugged Indian 4X4 Jeep that roams the land today has a fine pedigree indeed. A direct descendant of the world famous Ford & Wiley’s the Indian Jeep Mahendra & Mahendra, lives up to its forebear that has become part of adventure and wartime folklore. Today, the Jeep is back with a bang, riding on it is simple, without frills an old-world charm, acquiring cult status as it roars across ‘Marusthal’ - the land of death (as Rajasthan is sometimes referred to locally). Some families have retained their Jeep(s) for generations while those who have recently been bitten by the Jeep bug spend a fortune restoring old Jeeps to mint condition! The highlight of the desert experience - an adventurous drive in rugged four wheel jeep where one will scramble and climb over dunes and higher crests. As small convoy of vehicles track up and down the dunes, invariably getting stuck, part of the fun is ‘digging out’ and enjoying the soft sand under your feet before you are back in the car and off again. One can also opt for a gentle desert encounter with smaller dunes. Our drivers are happy to take you out for a slightly more serene experience, which still offers a great deal of fun. Desert drives wind through the dunes and 'streets', (the valleys between dunes). A gentle drive (about an hour and a half) through the terrain is a great way to cover the distances needed to find the free-roaming wildlife herds. The delicate desert gazelles wander freely across the plains and dunes, come upon them in the dunes or pick them out where they are well-camouflaged amongst trees and shrubs. Stop for photo opportunities, pointing out animals and tracks, or focusing on specific interests you may have, as well as pointing out some of the many bird species or lucky encounters with rarer inhabitants. The desert landscape is spellbinding. For miles altogether, there’s nothing except the whooshing sound of the wind racing against the frame of your sunglasses. But from this arid nothingness you may suddenly see an unexpected group of village women appear out of nowhere in their colorful finery, and disappear like a mirage before your eyes. Visit the homes of the inhabitants living in the desert (Bishnois, Rajputs, Meghwals). Also take a peek into the homes and lives of the desert craftsmen such as carpenters, metal-smiths and cobblers. See unique species of flora and fauna that have adapted to the desert. Take a trip to the farms in the desert and learn about farming.

Camel Trek

Camels of Rajasthan are actually Dromedary. They are an integral part of life in the Thar Desert. Experiencing a camel ride through the dunes is a fantastic experience, and mounting a camel for the first time is unlikely to be forgotten. Sitting atop one of these strange and lovely creatures, you’ll soon adopt the gentle rocking motion, and experience has shown us that an hour’s ride out into the distant dunes is sufficient for most first-time riders, although longer and more strenuous rides may be arranged. From the crest of a dune, you can view the sun setting across the desert. Make sure you watch closely, as this spectacle takes place surprisingly quickly, with light changing by the seconds.

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